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A Letter From a Fan

A Letter From a Fan

On: May 2, 2014

Bonjour, dear Crusaders!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Mathieu Fecteau. I’m an associate producer at Behaviour and have been working here for the past 8 years. I have worked and grown in the video game industry since 1998 as an artist and a lead artist for almost 14 years!
I’m really happy to write for the first time in a newsletter! As a big fan of 40K, the opportunity for me to be Associate Producer on this project is as big as you are expecting the game. I’m an old timer in the hobby, playing since the release of the 3rd edition and it could not be a better fit for me!

I’ve been asked by my colleagues to do a brief introduction on my personal hobby world. While I’m an Orks and Tyranids player, my heart goes to the hammer of the emperor. Let’s face it; I love tanks, trenches and mud! You can see some of my personal work here.


I love to paint rust, chipped metal on tank hulls, and dirt on my Death Korps trench coat! I’m more into “realistic” paint jobs than heroic fantasy. I guess it comes from my interest in the history of warfare. Also here’s some of my Orks, where the love of rust and metal can be pushed to a whole other level!


This is my war room, where my friends and I are spending at least an evening per week since our first battle, many years ago. My wife would probably say this is only a typical man cave, but I bet you don’t see it that way.


Oh and by the way, for my fellow Astra Militarum players out there, I’m bugging my dear Creative Director, David Ghozland, almost every day about this: “David, where is my Russ on the Arkhona battlefields!?”

On the production side of things, most of my colleagues and friends will talk about game design, art and features we are developing. As the guy in charge of things happening outside the production floor, I would like to talk about our partnership with Turbulent and the development of the new official website to be launched early this summer.

I’m really proud of the direction the design is taking. Ghislain Barbe (Art Director) helped by Nicolas Brunoni (Lead UI/HUD) and I are working closely with Turbulent to get something immersive, dynamic and appealing for our dear crusaders!


“For your eyes only”, I’m sharing a very early mock-up of a page for the upcoming website. Many more iteration will come over, but you can enjoy it anyway.


Founder’s Program Heroes

Now, let’s talk about what you really want to hear, the Founder’s Program! I know you are all eager to have some more details, you want to see more material and you want to know everything about its launch. I have the exclusivity of a number of the of the visual material that is being produced for the marketing and the founder’s program. Today, I’m happy to share with you some of the great stuff we’ve been working on.


In the past few weeks I have worked closely with a wonderful artist to create the heroes of the founders program. Diego Gisbert is a freelance illustrator and concept artist working for the gaming industry, including videogames, role-playing games, card games and such. He previously worked for Mercury Steam before he decided to continue his professional career on his own. At the moment, he is based in Berlin, Germany, where he continues to develop his skills while enjoying the many virtues of German beer and struggling with the Deutsch grammar.

You know the song and dance; these are works in progress and will be the concept for the real and final 3D models, planned later in production! On the store you will have access to full high quality concepts in colors. All factions will have their own heroes, also available per sub-faction with the proper colors and assets to depict each.


Heroes are units you will deploy and control for specific uses and situations. They are of course mostly aesthetic, respecting our goal to have a game free of any “pay to win” situation. But some special abilities will be generated by the heroes to add flavor and tactics on the battlefield. More descriptions to come, so don’t hesitate to poke our designer on the forums! Also, more teaser pictures to come, I swear!

Hope you have enjoyed what you just saw. Everyone here, at Behaviour, is working hard for the same goal; the launch of your Founders’ Program in June. We are entirely devoted to the same purpose!

Mathieu Fecteau
Associate Producer – Behaviour
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade