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A word about the Founder's Program

A word about the Founder's Program

On: Apr 25, 2014

Dear Crusaders,

Before anything allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible overall support you have given to Eternal Crusade. It has had a huge impact on the team’s motivation. This is a project the team and I really wanted to do- we started even before working at Behaviour. Eternal Crusade was not born the typical way through standard market analysis, greenlight process etc… This game was born in the hearts of the initial core team and later found its home inside Behaviour. The team of specialists from all around the world is a mix of new and senior Behaviour Employees with complementary expertise that all now have the same passion and love for the project.

The Founder’s Program as announced in the last Newsletter has 3 objectives:

First, you’ve been asking for a way to support us as we finally make the first MMO in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and we want to give you that.

Second, we want to get constant feedback from our founders both through discussion and focused testing alike.

Third, we want our founder’s packs to offer real, lasting value to you all — more than a simple color switch — as a reward for showing your faith in us so far in advance of the game’s launch.

To be clear, this is NOT Crowd Funding. Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is fully financed. Well, I should say that everything we have revealed publicly so far is fully financed, but the team and I have kept a few gems in our pockets for later and the founders programs might, with your help, move a few unannounced features that are currently planned for after launch… Before launch. ;-)

Simply said: You WILL soon land on Arkhona. That is a certainty, what is NOT is… How long will YOU survive!

Here is OUR pledge to this project and you have my personal Oath on this as well.

Eternal Crusade is made by fans, for fans in a Massive Combat RPG lead by YOU. YOU decided on the best way to wage war on your opponent. YOU decide on the Hierarchy of your Squad, Strikeforce or even the all powerful War Council that leads the WHOLE faction.

Time has flown since we announced Eternal Crusade last year at E3 and I am continually impressed and happily surprised of the quality and passion of the game fans base.

You have been incredibly supportive of our innovative approach including our “No Marketing Firewall between Devs and Fans” which I now take the time to say: THANK YOU. You have had a huge impact on the project and on everyone on it, including me.

Our humility and Transparent Philosophy towards our fan base.

This transparent philosophy has had unforeseen side effects on the whole team: It has reminded us that we are in the business of entertaining YOU. That means having the responsibility to make you forget, for a few hours at a time, the grim, dark reality of your daily routine (yeah! Compare to the daily routine of a Space Marine!) Some of you shared pieces of your life’s tough challenges telling us how your passion and involvement in Eternal Crusade is one of your remedies. We hear you! We “FEEL” you! And we got your back.

I am impressed as well with your understanding that openness and transparency needs to be balanced with us making the game as well. You have been patient with both the team and I when we go a few weeks without news, updates or when we take time away from answering your emails or forum posts. We appreciate this, and we will ALWAYS return.

We have decided on TRUST. We trust our devs and we trust our fans. This might sound utopian but it’s been a year and all the “terrible” thing that some people predicted… Never happened. Yes, we have changed our minds a few times but then again, its WHY we ask your opinion… To see if your idea is better than ours! We don’t fake it, we mean it! Now enough philosophy, let’s have look at Rhinos having fun.


Our visit to a private tournament in Montreal
(see more on Facebook)

Knowing your lore is one of the key success factors in making a videogame in the Warhammer 40,000 universe… And let me tell you the team knows its fluff. At first when we set up the core team it was a key factor but as the team grew then luck was added. Right now, at least one third of the team are 10 year veterans of Warhammer 40,000, playing tabletop in tournaments like Mathieu (Associate Producer – FecteauMathieu) and JFMB (Development Director - jf_burroughs) or painting miniatures like Stephanie (Senior Producer) did as a teen or like Steven (Lead Level Designer – silent0siris) who has been and is still doing live Roleplay Dark Heresy on Twitch.tv with itmeJP. Just to name a few.

This is all good…. But I hear you saying “PROVE IT”- here’s an image from Mathieu’s team’s victory at a local tournament here in Montreal. Mathieu is one of the 40 contestants who run this private event since 2006. It is called the “Mega 40k” and it is held by a group of friends that called them self “Creve mon sale”. Now we have the pictures to prove it: The Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade team knows its lore. Again, we don’t fake it. We DO IT!


Miguel and Etienne Simard, main


Mathieu and another Imperial Guard player, Charles Bernier having an oath before the battle.


Mathieu with is winning team; Simon Gervais, Benoit Lauzon and missing on the picture, Philip Morgan

PAX survived our Steven!

Steven Lumpkin, your Lead Level Designer, was at PAX last weekend and from what I heard he did an amazing performance on the Panel “The Future of Online Games”. Thank you Steven, again you make us all proud. You can see the full video here . Thank you to mmorpg.com for the invite as well. I am surprised they still invited Steven to join the panel after he destroyed the army of one of their senior journalists in a friendly tabletop match…. with his Dark Eldar!!


Steven (left) at Pax with Margaret Krohn, from Sony Online Entertainment, and Neal Erickson (@koibu0), twitch Dungeon Master

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

Which brings me to C2E2 where I will be on 2 panels back to back. One where I will speak about YOU dear crusaders I will explain how you are the ones actually creating Eternal Crusade both while the game is in production as well has after its launched. The title is Onward, Battle Brothers! Player-Generated Content in the Massive PvP Setting of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. Here is the link.

And my second panel is a Group panel on the Future of Video Games where we will have a blast, with executives from other studios, trying to predict the most unpredictable Industry in the world! Here is the link.

That is all for now Crusaders.

Whilst we draw breath, we stand. Whilst we stand, we fight. Whilst we fight, we prevail.

Miguel Caron