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A Glimpse at the Founder's Arsenal

A Glimpse at the Founder's Arsenal

On: May 23, 2014

Hello Crusaders!

Game Designer Michael Chan here to bring you a production update, but first allow me to present myself.

Like many of you, I’ve been a fan of Warhammer 40,000 for a long time. I collected my first Ork army when I was ten (2nd Edition!). These days I am playing Chaos Space Marines – at least until it’s time to lead da green tide once more.


I’ve been designing MMORPGs since 2008; specialising in progression, rewards and balancing. I’m truly thrilled to be working on Eternal Crusade, where I can bring my professional experience to action-orientated genres; and create the best game I can within our beloved setting. I know you enjoy being able to get in touch with us during development and that feeling is mutual!

Production Update

Lately, I’ve wrapped up some progression-related features and started working on the systems behind territory control, campaigns and requisition points.

For territory control, I’ve been looking at how each stronghold could have their own set of supply territories; which would spread the fight for a stronghold over to adjacent territories. A well-supplied stronghold is easier to defend and is an ideal place to launch further attacks. As an invading army you would be able to lay siege on defenders by taking control of their supply territories; possibly exerting enough pressure to draw them out.

Taking over parts of the Arkhona landmass, each campaign lasts approximately a week and we will augment the usual territory control gameplay with additional goals and mechanics. Through your accomplishments, campaigns are also where you, your squad and strike force can distinguish yourselves from others – receive peer recognition and look more formidable on the battlefield. Participating in campaigns is the best way to engage in the narrative; and by working together in story campaigns, you’ll be able to create history on Arkhona. Imagine being able to point to major battles that took place a long time ago and being able to take credit for it. These will drive the narrative of our game.

In order to wage war, requisition points (RP) will be used when deploying vehicles, heroes and terminator equivalents. Faction council appointed commanders can also use it to activate stronghold powers. Each player receives RP regularly; but the faction council also has access to RP that they can allocate to locations or field armies that need it the most.

The User Interface team has also been working hard on a prototype of the loadout system (you may have seen the mock-ups that Steven had when he was at PAX East). It will help us to get a sense for how the process of choosing your accessories and weapons will feel. I can’t wait to try it out!

Aesthetic Customisation

I had a sneak peek at some of the aesthetic customisation concepts for the Founders’ Program. I can’t wait to see a pitched battle in-game, where champions of their faction are decked out in all their glory; carving a path through swathes of enemies!

Nicolas Côté, our internal illustrator, is working very fast to get these entire assets ready for the launch of the program. Of course, the 3D version will come over later, but in the meantime we are happy to share the concept art works in progress.


That’s it for this production update. I hope you enjoyed the content. Follow me on Twitter (@ezekielknight); and always ask questions on the forums. Until next time, everyone!

Micheal Chan
Game Designer – Behaviour
Warhammer 40, 000: Eternal Crusade