As a very large Ork once said, “We are going to be most unpleasant and vanquish our foes!” an act that commences with this very newsletter, as per your requests.

And thus we come to our present state. Here are all the latest happenings:


Some in the Imperium of Man persist in their recruitment efforts. These two particular humans went out to present their battle strategies against Tyranid and Chaos foes, and were quite successful in their goal to motivate those present.

If this had been a crowd of the green persuasion, however, things might have turned out quite differently as neither of these individuals was particularly large, even if one of them has been known to be rather boisterous.


As those of you who follow our Twitter conversations are aware, the Eternal Crusade developers have been regularly engaging in sorties between the Space Marines and their Chaotic opponents. In these simulations, the two sides vie for control of an Aquila Strongpoint, clanging their blades together and letting bullets fly. Once the outcome has been decided, they tune their boltguns, sharpen their swords, tweak their armour and return to the field once more!

According to the Creative Director, this process has resulted in an amusing core experience even at this early stage. And now it’s time to refer to the output of our dear readers as we address the contents of our inbox:


Dear Eternal Crusade chaps:

I’m a powerful Bad Moon Nob. I have great means but naturally desire to keep it that way rather than giving it to the grubby hands of Eldar or Imperial merchants. Will you charge a significant amount for the various bits and bobs you have for sale?

My manservant informs me that your customs dictate an exchange of appreciation, so thank you for your time!

Lord Rokkitfella

Allow me to clarify – if you find yourself financially indisposed, you can still enjoy participating in the Orks faction. You’ll still have access to a wide arsenal of destruction, but you may find certain advanced character options restricted and you may be at the disposal of others when it comes to the greater strategic aspects of the conflict.

On the other hand, if you are willing to divulge merely the cost of a standard video game purchase, you will have access to the full gamut of Orkish, Imperial, Eldar and Chaos tactical options with no need to hand over more of your hard-earned personal funds to achieve victory.

However, should you be the kind of individual that appreciates ostentatious displays of wealth, there is a man more than happy to indulge your desires. The contents of his inventory are no better on the field than those you would earn through more traditional means, merely different. Your war will not be won by partaking of what is on offer here!

In conclusion, I will need more details on your definition of wealth before formulating a response.

Excuse me good sir, you seem like an intelligent fellow! According to my sources, you and your compatriots are planning a war in the coming months. My agents and I are curious – are your “Ork Nobs” greener, angrier and more physically imposing than the rest of the Ork lineup, or are they simply better dressed?

I would similarly like to know about “Eldar Exarchs” as well!


Grazzrot ‘Eadkrumpa

Thank you kindly for the vote of confidence! As to your point of inquiry, the Nobs will indeed be both larger and a deeper shade of viridian than the rest. As to whether or not they will be meaner, well that’s up to the Nob himself, is it not?

That said, Nobs are hardly a dime a dozen on the battlefield, as their population usually numbers under 5% of the total Orkish militia. So don’t expect everyone to fielding Nobs all the time, for in many ways a Nob’s true value comes from their ability to motivate the rest of the troops!

Expect likewise with the treatment of Exarchs, but perhaps you could get more on this front out of a real Aspect Warrior.

Finally, I’d like to share this fine photograph taken by one of our fans. Smile, dear Mekboy!


One last bit of news on this Eternal Crusade matter is that the artisans behind the production have nearly reached the pivotal moment where a glimpse of their creation shall be revealed to all. At this point it is merely a matter of applying that crucial level of polish before it can be delivered for you to render judgement. If you feel that even this brief waiting period is still too much for you to bear, please send @miguelcaron a missive and make your feelings known.

And thus we come to the end of this most Orky edition of the newsletter. But as the light dims, is that the pattering of spiked boots I hear, coming around the bend?

Truly writing is a most difficult task – I turn now to violence, as is my wont.

Lord Grok Deffkrump

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